Angels To Guide You
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Q & A

Do we all have angels?
Yes. We all have Angels to help us daily. Angels are a different species that help us in emotional, physical, mental,and Spiritual matters. We are complicated people, so we have different angels helping us with strength, healing, knowledge, encouragment, and much more.

How can I communicate with my angels?
Communicate by reaching them through thought. Prayer raises your energy to a place that connects us. Meditation, quiet reflection, also allows a connection. Then just mentally ask for assistance. Watch where Angelic help comes into your life. Dreams, conversations with others, your own thoughts, can suddenly yield answers.

Do we all have Spiritual Gifts?
We are Spiritual Beings connected to God through our Higher Self and the Spirit of God. Many people call this great Spirit the Holy Spirit. Because of this connection, we all have Spiritual Gifts: Wisdom, Discernment, Insight, Healing, etc. Daily prayer and meditation allows you to let your Spirit manifest into your daily life and access your Spiritual Gifts. You'll be delighted in the gifts of your Spirit. Our Spiritual Gifts grow as we work in service to others.

What happens when we die?
When we die we simply let go of the physical body. Our Spirit, which guides this body, still remains. Those living in the spirit worlds tell me they are met by loved ones and sense the love of God deeply.

What is my Higher Self?
Your Higher Self, or Spiritual Self, is the intuitive voice you hear in your own thoughts. Often, we argue with this knowing. This Spiritual Self connects us to one another through the Great Spirit of God. This is how we communicate and receive information from the spirit world. This is our true Living Body.