Angels To Guide You
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     Rev. Donna Voll has helped many thousands over her years of service. Here are a few words others have expressed about their experiences with her. Many have sent copies of their portraits with photographic proof of accuracy as well.


"Dearest Donna,

     As you know, I have had the opportunity to see many of the angel portraits that you have done for the members of our church. Each one is so beautiful and so unique! The overall comment I have heard from our people is "Amazing". No one can believe how detailed the information is that your are able to share for each person.  It is always so miraculous when someone identifies one of the many little "faces" that are drawn at the bottom of the portrait. It is so heart warming to know that our connection continue beyond this dimension.                              In all my years in the metaphysical community, I have never met anyone who has such a clear channel to the guardian angels of others. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful and the mesages are always so intimate and meaning filled. I was deeply touched with my reading. Having my father's "face" at the bottom made it extra special. Donna, you are amazing. You are such a beautiful artist and channel. I so honor the tenderness with which you deliver the messages that our angels want us to hear. Thank you for your service work for the world. You are truly a gift!"      Much love, Rev. Cindy Fuller, Innerquest Church


     Thanks for the opportunity to tell the world how wonderful and gifted you are! One of the first pictures you ever did was for me. You were not aware that the person that came thru was a dear beloved friend, that died some ten years earlier. He was a very troubled soul that suffered much emotional and physical trauma  His beautiful blue eyes were shining like they had when we were young. The symbols surrounding him showed how much he had healed, both emotionally and spiritually. while serving in Vietnam. When you showed me the picture, and asked if I knew him, I knew instantly who it was. Thank You. That picture made it easier for me to deal with the loss, because he committed suicide. Your picture spoke a 1000 words of comfort for me, that helped me to heal in many ways and on many levels. God Bless you always.  Charlotte."  Jacksonville, Fl.


"Dear Rev. Donna,

     I was truly blessed by you and your gift of connecting to Spirit on our meeting in Sept. of 2003. I was enlightened by the things Spirit told you that you had no idea of and it gave me insight and peace to what is happening in the Spirit world and my connection with it. You told me of somethings that my ex-husband, who has passed away, had going on and when I shared it with my daughter they knew about it and I didn't, which really confirmed that what you were given to tell me was true. Not only have things you said come to pass for me in my life, but the drawing you did of my healing Angel, "Lilly" had pictures of people that I recognized. The first and immediate one was a magician friend I had for a long time. And amazingly you drew a card right above his picture. What a connection, it made all you do so real and true. Since then I have recognized 3 more faces. I am sending a picture to show you and others of the realness of your gift of connection with Spirit. It may be hard to see but I know it is real. All of this was done so naturally and with speed for you were truly in tune with Spirit. I am truly convinced that Rev. Donna is blessed with this gift to share with the world. Thank you Donna for being the servent God has sent you to be and giving me the experience that we all are connected and Angels and Guides are real."                       Shirley Rowell,  Tampa, Fl. 



     Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with me and so many others. When I contacted you, I was having such mixed feelings about where I am in life. I've been blessed in many ways and am thankful, but as I grow in life and experience new milestones, I have been feeling a very large piece missing. I knew deep in my heart that my father and other loved ones were always close by, but I just wanted to know if they were OK where they are now.   After we spoke, I felt so renewed. You tole me things that I knew only they could know. I thought what could be better than knowing we would someday all be reconnected? Then weeks later I received your drawing, which confirmed everything I knew was true. I was delighted to find familiar faces of people I cherished but lost in a physical sense. Even among 14 different faces, the groupings had significance. All side by side, I found my dear father, his mother, and his father. On the other side of the drawing, I easily identified my grandmother and grandfather from my mother's side, in a circle of 4 with my aunt and her husband (just as they were always together in life!)   But what meant the most to me was when you told me my father would be on my other arm as my brother gives me away in marriage this fall. That is just how I would have liked him to be.   I encourage all who believe (and especially those who don't) to just spend some time with you and to listen.   Thank you Donna. I will always treasure this portrait and I look forward to speaking with you again.    Jillian Perez, CT

"Dear Donna,

     Donna Voll is without a doubt on of the most clear and accurate channels I have ever met. I was delighted that she actually contacted my own spirit for guidance and that we had such a true connection. The information flowed like a gentle stream - answering my most heartfelt questions without me having to voice them!  I have never received so much guidance in such a short space of time - so many opportunities have opened up in my life already. It is a little too soon for certain things to manifest, but there are very definite signs already.   My angel was simply beautiful - she brought a message that made my heart sing! I was delighted to see the faces of my loved ones in spirit. One is an exact replica of an old photo of my great grandmother and another looks just like my dear grandfather! My husband also appeared - he is very much alive, but Donna explained that significant people in this life other appear too.  One of my friends had 3 readings with Donna - every one of them has been "spot on". I have already recommended Donna to some other friends too. She is truly blessed with a rare gift."        Janice Olschansky, Atl. Ga.

"Dear Donna,

     Thank you so much for the reading. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was. Just to know that loved ones that have passed are together made me feel so secure. You were able to put my mind at rest with regard to my children and my career as well as other aspects of my life. It felt great knowing that I am and have been making the right choices! When I got my picture of my Guardian Angel with the drawings I was astonished at the likeness of people I know/knew. Also, recently I had purchased a painting of an angel in a garden. Something about it said "BUY ME" so I did. Imagine my surprise when the angel in the painting was practically identical to your drawing. That night I had the best night's sleep I've had in a very long time!       Tricia Cave, Atl. Ga.


"Dear Donna,

     I want to thank you so very much for the "beautiful" Angel Portrait and meditation transcript. It is simply amazing and beautiful and very meaningful. There is so much that had instant meaning and familiarity to me. It's hard to put into words. You have a very special gift... "            Tammy Brigadier,   Ohio


     I have enjoyed many readings and angel portraits with Donna Voll and have found each one of them very spiritually nuturing and inspiring on so many levels. She is able to very lovingly provide beautiful and accurate messages from Spirit to help give us insight along our spiritual path. Her angel portraiture is amazing and brings the energy of our personal angels very close because we can see them before us and even recognize loved ones' faces that accompany the angel she draws. Donna has been a tremendous blessing to me and those that I have referred."  Misty Hughes,   Rocky River, Oh.


"Dear Donna,

     The wisdom you have shared with me over the years has been extremely helpful in keeping me on the path and creating a healthier and happier life... I thank God for the blessings of you in my life and so many others."       Susan,   Ohio


"Dear Rev. Voll,

     ...You told me there was another Rita that I was named for and that I was blessed with that. There is a cousin of my father's who is named Rita and who I have been told that I was named after. She happens to be a Roman Catholic nun. I guess that is how I am blessed. I have also been told that Rita is a derivative of Margaret (Margarita) and that was my mother's name. My mother had a very strong faith and I would consider myself blessed being named after her also. The spirit also showed you railroad tracks and a train. You said they kept giving you the sense that this was the memory of someone that worked or lived by a railroad track. My family used to live right by the railroad tracks while I was growing up (my sister still lives in the same house) and since both of my parents are passed I would connect this memory with both of them. You also mentioned a pocket watch getting pulled out and thought it might also have to do with the railroad tracks or the time being right to get on track. I have my grandfather's gold pocket watch that he used to wear in the watch pocket of his vest. I distinctly remember him pulling it out to check the time quite often. He lived one street above the railroad tracks in the same town as I did. I was very close to him and my grandmother."    Rita Swanger,  Pa.