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Through our radio program, Spirit Connections, and the places we have served, we  have have been fortunate to meet great ministers, teachers, and resources. Below is a list of the people we met or have had as guests on our radio program, Spirit Connections, and their sites that you may find of interest. Please visit these sites to find help in your area.

We are now teaching classes via the web & phone. New River Press is hosting our Webinars/Teleseminars and those of other great teachers. For a listing of our Webinars/Teleseminars click here.  For other Webinars from New River Press click here.




Adam - Healing,

Paco Ahlgren - Discipline, 

Marc Allen - Greatest Secret,

Autori - The Power of Light,  &

Dr. Janis Amatuzio -  Beyond Knowing,

Karen Anderson - Animal Communication,

Autori - Divine Love,

Colette Baron-Reid - Messages From Spirit,

Richard Blackstone - Nuts and Bolts Spirituality,

Gregg Braden - Spiritual Philosophy/Spiritual Science,

Dawn Breslin - Personal Development,

David Alan Brown - Self empowerment,

Carrie Brown-Wolf - Soul Sunday,

Betsy Chasse - What the Bleep? & Elora Media, , &/or

Sonia Choquette - The Sixth Sense,

Terah Kathryn Collins - Western School of Feng Shui,

Ernest D. Chu - Soul Currency,

Kimberly Dawwn - Power of Forgiveness,

Laura Day - Crisis,

John Dennison - Living by the light of your soul,

Sherri Devereau - Spirit Communication,

Demaris Drewry - Beyond Talk Therapy,

Beverly East - Handwriting Analysis,

John English - Shamanic Healing,

Paul F. Eno - Paranormal Investigator,

Joanne Gerber - Spiritual ChatRoom,

Cindy Fuller - Power Feng Shui,

Alex Hermosillo - Master Energy Medicine,

Charlene Hicks - Astrologer, Atl. Ga.

John Holland - Psychic Medium,

Marie D. Jones - PSIence,

Earl C. Johnson - 9-11 survivor,

Joyce Keller - Clairvoyant Medium,

Meda Killgore - Who Am I? How Do I Find Me?,

Leo Kim - Science & Spirituality,

Dr. Betty J. Kovacs - Miracle of Death,

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. - Better Memory,

Jean Claude Koven - Cosmic Mystery,

Cathrine Lanigan - Divine Nudges,

Bruce Lipton - Cell Biology,

Diane Mandle - Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing,

Dawna Markova - Spot of Grace, &

Paul McManus - The 7 Great Prayers, 

Lynn McTaggart - The Intention Experiment,

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Flower of Life, 

Dr. Edgar Mitchell - The Way of the Explorer,

Victoria Moran - Charmed Life,

Howard Martin - HearthMath,

Rev. Brent Phillips - Theta Healing,

Brad Olsen - Sacred Places,

Sherry Peavler - Color Psychology & Healing,

Karyn Pettigrew - "The Invitation",

Nadja Piatke - Moving Past Adversity,

Darlene Pitts - Intuition,

Deborah Pratt - The Vision Quest,

Gary R. Renard - Spirituality,

Margaret Ruby - The DNA of Healing,

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha - Soul Wisdom 1,

Jamie Sanders - New Thought Minister,

Maria Shaw - Nationally Acclaimed Astrologer,

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D, G.O.D. Experiment,

Richard Shulman - Celestial Music,

Dr. Bernie Siegel - 101 Exercizes for the Soul,

Jerry E. Smith - Vibrational Machines,

Dennis Spalding - Life After Death,

Bishop John Shelby Spong - New Christianity,

Joviel Straw - Flower of Life facilitator, Demorest, Ga.

Sandra St.John - Astrology,

Tom Stone - Bio-energetic testing,

Joseph Tajalle - Quantum Shamanic Alchemy,

Joe Vitale - The Secret,

Kay Wallach, Ph.D. - Brain Gym,

Derrick Whiteskycloud - Medium, Shaman,

Dr. Robert WilliamsPSYCH-K,

Fred Alan Wolf - Dr. Quantum,





Pathways,    St.Louis, Mo.

Source Books & Sacred Spaces,  Nashville, Tn.


Innerquest Church,   Atlanta, Ga.

Clark Memorial Church,  Elkhart, In.                                                           


The Center at Rose Creek - Franklin, N.C.