Angels To Guide You
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True Spiritual development occurs when we apply spiritual principles to all areas of our life; relationships, finances, and careers. This is how we truly live our destiny and follow our life path. Allow me to help you develop a new way of living life in a Spirit filled way!


1) Are you desiring a spiritual mentor to discuss your personal spiritual, mental and emotional well being?

2) Are you tired of repeating old patterns and ready to explore more deeply what your life is really telling you?

3) Would you like someone you can confide in about your life, your dreams, and your spiritual path ?

4) Are you ready to develop your intuition, deepen spiritual awareness and change your life?

5) Are your ready to heal your life and need someone to guide you?

6) Would you like a personal spiritual trainer to help you exercise your psychic abilities?

7) Do you need a spiritual friend to help you move beyond your challenges?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my spiritual/mentor program is for you.

Just like a personal physical trainer works to encourage, teach and train you in an exercise plan, I can instruct you to become stronger in spiritual understanding, exercising your talents and reaching new personal goals.

How this special mentoring program works for you!

These sessions are personal, one on one conversations, created to discuss where you are in your life, your greatest challenges, your deepest fears, and how to achieve your most cherished dreams.


Together we will

* Discover where you are on your spiritual path

* Discuss your goals and create a spiritual and practical plan to attain these goals

* Learn to recognize your personal symbols and how Spirit is giving messages to you daily.

* Talk about relationships, what they are telling you, karmic connections,and how to apply spiritual energy to enhance and heal relationships.

* Discuss your dreams and what these messages mean in your life, and how to learn your life symbols.

* Create meditations and techniques to help you heal and move forward in your life.

* Plan your spiritual development, create personal exercises to develop your intuitive awareness, clairvoyance and spiritual gifts.


Each session will vary as we discuss what has happen since we last spoke, your experiences, dreams, and what to work toward for our next session.

I am your private coach, creating you a personal spiritual growth program, mentoring you toward greater spiritual development, and working with you to heal and move successfully beyond obstacles.

Because I will be dedicated to your progress, I will be limiting the amount or participants to this Mentor/coaching program. Call soon for openings.


Spiritual Mentor/Coaching fees and enrollment

Option #1

We will meet for two 45 minutes sessions per month,

with weekly e-mails to encourage and check progress

$ 200 per month- (or for three months paid ahead-$550.00)

Option #2

We will meet for two 60 minutes sessions per month,

plus two 15 min. short calls as needed,

weekly e-mails to encourage and check progress.

$325 per month (or for three months paid ahead- $900.00)

You must be willing to commit to at least two months of coaching.

How to enroll

Please call 706-894-1582 to inquire.

I will return your call and we will do a free 15 minute consult to determine if we are a good match for the mentoring/coaching program, and set up times/dates available of monthly calls to fit both of our schedules.

Then pay online to secure your enrollment. ( click here  )

These are not spiritual consultation sessions, rather these sessions are practical, spiritual life coaching using my spiritual insights, techniques, and knowledge to mentor you for your greater development.


My coaching skills

I am a certified medium, ordained minister, lecturer and teacher.

I have worked extensively with helping, healing, and guiding clients internationally for over 18 yrs.

I have completed a three level seminary program, served many churches and presented workshops in many areas of spirituality, including: symbols, dreams, meditation, healing, spiritual development, natural law, spiritual worlds, and spiritual relationships.

I have a deep understanding of the spiritual worlds, how these worlds interact with us daily and how you can learn to safely use spiritual knowledge to meet all your challenges and goals. Using my vast knowledge of symbols, spiritual intuition and insight we can take a fresh look at your life with a new perspective. I understand and know how to work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as assisting you to balance your charkas and life.

I am qualified, prepared and honored to mentor you!