Angels To Guide You
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     One aspect of my ministry has been to consult and counsel as an Angel Artist. The work is done intuitively by connecting to the mental plane and to the Higher Self thru prayer with the Holy Spirit. Information, guidance, and a Spiritual overview is given as I am impressed to draw the Angelic and Higher guidance present.

     In addition, smaller images of faces are included. Many of these are recognizable and confirmed as Spirit loved ones as well as persons in the physical who are influential in your life. I believe these faces are sent similar to holographic images to reassure and illuminate the seeker. Many portraits have been confirmed by actual photographs. This not only proves the continuity of life, but that our Higher Selves do bring to us accurate information, God spiritually guides us, and we are never alone.

    These are full color pastel chalk portraits. Personal consultations and phone appointments include the portrait and a 1 hour. session of guided information. For more information or to set an appointment please call or write. 

Listen to Donna talk about Spirit Art (click)

      Here are some examples of personal Angelic Portraits. Notice the symbols and smaller faces presented. Each color represents energies and messages that are unique to the individual.

                                                 See additional examples with photos to match. 

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