Angels To Guide You
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Indepth Angelic studies series 
Four  -  1 & 1/2 hour teleseminar classes 
Join Donna and Dudley Voll as we explore the angelic realm! Who and what are the angels we read about, hear about and encounter? Do angels exist and why are angels connecting to humanity,  to you? Find out in a teleseminar class that answers these questions and more!
Week 1 …. Who the angels are, what they are not. The history of angels,  what the ancient teachings describe, sources of angelic information that had been hidden, and how angels have worked with humans throughout the ages.
Week 2 …. The choirs or groups of angels, the ranking and energy each choir sends, why this is important to all creation. We will learn specific details of these groups and how they relate to us. We will look at the archangels,  their roles in humanity and how to understand their energy.
Week 3 ….. We will discuss the legends of the fall of angels, and why this occurred, what it meant to human evolution,  We will discuss the hidden choir of angels, and what the ancients say about them.
Week 4 …. We will discuss the mission of angels on our planet now, the types of angels we encounter, and share examples of angelic encounters. We will learn the best way to connect to the angels and participate in a meditation to meet one of your angels.
If you are interested in taking this class, please let us know and we will contact you when a new class in forming.  Thank You.
Fee $100.00, includes a mp3 Cd of series .
You may pay online - click here    (then go to Seminars  &  Workshops - Once you add any class or consultation to your shopping cart - go to "checkout" to finish the transaction.)  or  by mail.
Register by calling Donna or Dudley Voll