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     We will use what we learned in the first six weeks as a foundation. We will gain more access to the power of our Higher Self, activate our spiritual gifts, learn more about the inhabitants in the spirit worlds, guides and teachers and other entities. Using natural law we will learn how to generate and use energy in healing and manifesting. To take this class you must have taken Spiritual Development Class #1

For those taking the class now and need to catch up on some of the classes go to:   This will be effective during class dates only.



Week 1 -- Activating our Spiritual Gifts - Power for Healing.We will look more deeply into the gifts of Spirit (from our Higher Self) and how we can activate these gifts. This will give a new aspect to the Higher Self. We will see how each gift leads to healing .We will define and discuss spiritual healing and how we use this healing daily. We will see how to enhance the energy flow, and go indepth into the Chakra system, balancing and opening chakas safely. A simple way to test and balance Chakras.*** Exercises to balance the charkas will be discussed.

Week 2 -- Subtle Bodies and Healing - We will discuss how we can work with healing energy, and direct it to the Subtle bodies and the different spiritual levels. What can be done for the physical, emotional, mental and causal bodies. How does the spirit world help us? We will look at entity and thought form attachments, implants. We will discuss distant healing and laying of hands, Reiki and more.Techniques and methods to use for various bodies.

Week 3 -- Using Natural Law for Manifesting This week will build on the importance of using the natural laws to Consciously Create and manifest. How to use the power of intention, visualizations, thoughts and feelings to create your life. Why we often create what we donít want. How to change our beliefs and subconscious. We will share many ideas and techniques to help you begin to manifest immediately.

Week 4 -- Communicating With the Spirit World - We will discuss the inhabitants of the various Spirit levels, astral, mental, and causal at great length. How do these entities help us, and could they hurt us? What methods do they use to communicate? How can we communicate safely to the spirit world? Should we? What is not safe and why. We will discuss discernment, channeling, trance, mediumship, clairvoyance, and sťances. How we can meet our guides and spirit teachers. What we donít finish here we will complete week 5.

Week 5 --- Understanding Spiritual Warfare - We will continue on from week 4. Now that we have a better grasp of the beings in the spirit world, we will discuss an awareness of the lower Forces and their methods. This is to arm you with knowledge and avoid getting trapped. We will look at methods and techniques to protect yourself, your family and homes. Understanding the challenges will better inform and protect you. *** Techniques and exercises.

Week 6 --- Meditation and Communication - We will focus on meditations designed to help you communicate with your Higher Self and how to open safely to your guides and Angels. We will present two meditations, one guided and Dudley will drum and channel.


 Look here to find out when the next class will be forming. If you have interest in attending this class, please, let us know. 

The time:  7:30 - 9:00 pm eastern,  6:30 - 8:00 pm central

5:30 - 7:00 pm mountain,  4:30 - 6:00 pm pacific 

You are registered once payment is received. The week before each class you will receive an e-mail with the teleseminar conference phone number.

 Long distance charges are your responsibility. 

If you would be interested in taking this class, Register on-line, contact us at 706-894-1582, or e-mail us at  



The price for all this practical information is $130 for the full 6 weeks.

   Please call us at 706-894-1582 to register or for more information. 

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Spiritual Development Class #1