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     Would you let a three year old walk around a mall all by himself ? Of course not! He doesn’t have the discernment skills to know who is helpful and who is not. Yet many people try to open the door to the spirit world not knowing who is behind the door. Healing practitioners, psychics, and other intuitives are often not taught basic information about spirit and spirit worlds, and the importance of knowing one’s Higher Self. The foundation you will receive will help you grow deeper with Spirit, safely, and to communicate with more intuition and accuracy. If you are already a practitioner your will find that this course offers greater foundation to build upon.




Week 1 - Higher Self - What the Higher Self is and how we connect to our Higher Self. This is the most important spirit communication you have. Learn how to open the doorway to really hear and respond to spirit. Exercises and meditations.

Week 2 - Natural Law - What it is and how it affects us daily. We will discuss a greater understanding of how we may use these laws in manifesting our lives. Exercises and meditations.

Week 3 - Subtle Bodies - We are more than a physical body. We will begin discussion of the etheric, emotional (astral), mental, and causal bodies, how each body expresses and how they integrate. Exercises and meditations.

Week 4 - Spiritual Worlds - Now that you have a base of information on the subtle bodies, we will now see how these bodies connect to the spiritual world. What do these worlds look like and how do they affect us daily? Exercises and meditations.

Week 5 - Messages and Symbols - Learning about symbols is of great importance. Messages you receive from dreams, other people, and even what you see and hear in daily life all involve symbols. Symbols are the language of messages. We will gain insights on learning, understanding, and interpreting symbols. Exercises and meditations.

Week 6 - Meditation - Meditation broadens the communication between us and our Higher Self and Spirit. There are many types and styles of meditation. Using the foundation we have built, we can find out how to get more from meditation, along with various methods and techniques of meditation. Exercises and meditations.




The price for all this practical information is $130 for the full 6 weeks.

   Please call us at 706-894-1582 to register or for more information. 

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Spiritual Development Class #2