Angels To Guide You
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You are truly a Spiritual Being, full of insights, gifts, and knowledge. Let us guide you how to connect to your True Spirit - your Higher Self and develop a greater understanding of the spirit world’s interaction with you.

We are offering a teleseminar spiritual development class that will lay the solid foundation you need for any path of spiritual development. The class will consist of:

6 week course - 1 hr. class per week for 6 weeks.

2 expert teachers trained in Spiritual Development.

Class materials.

Spiritual techniques, exercises, and meditations.

Access to teachers throughout the week on class related materials.

Our desire is to share insights and be available to help you succeed.



        Series of 6 teleseminar classes.


         Series of 6 teleseminar classes that expands the info froms SDC#1.  You should have taken SDC # 1  first.



The price for all this practical information is $130 for the full 6 weeks.

   Please call us at 706-894-1592 to register or for more information. 

  To pay for class  "Click here" . Click on  Seminars and Workshops.