Angels To Guide You
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Program Resources


Guests' Books, Info & Web-sites

Adam - DreamHealer, Path of the DreamHealer     

Dr. Janis Amatuzio -  Beyond Knowing,                    

Autori - Divine Love,                                         

Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix, The God Code,   

Dawn Breslin - Dawn Breslin's Power Book,             

David Alan Brown - The Power in You Program,      

Betsy Chasse - What the Bleep? & Elora Media,         

Sonia Choquette - Trust Your Vibes, The Wise Child,

Terah Kathryn Collins - Western School to Feng Shui,          

Kimberly Dawwn - Power of Forgiveness,                     

Laura Day - Welcome to Your Crisis,           

John Dennison - Living by the light of your soul,      

Sherri Devereau - Intuitive Eyes,                              

Paul F. Eno - Turning Home,  Footsteps in the Attic,

Cindy Fuller - Power Feng Shui,                         

Alex Hermosillo - Master Energy Medicine,

Charlene Hicks - Why is Your Birthday the Most Important day of the Year -CD,

John Holland - Psychic Medium,

Earl C. Johnson - Stairwell to Heaven,               

Joyce Keller - Seven Steps to Heaven,  The Portal,     

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. - The Better Memory Kit, 

Jean Claude Koven - Going Deeper,                           

Cathrine Lanigan - Divine Nudges,          

Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief,                               

Debra Luptak - A Survivor's Closet, ...and then There Was Light,   

Diane Mandle - Eternal OM - CD,                 

Paul McManus - Prayer Power - CDs,                     

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Flower of Life 1 & 2            

Rev. Brent Phillips - Theta Healing,                        

Gary R. Renard - The Disappearance of the Universe, 

Margaret Ruby - The DNA of Healing,                   

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D, G.O.D. Experiment,         

Jamie Sanders - New Thought Minister,                   

Maria Shaw - Soul Mates and Cell Mates,                   

Dr. Bernie Siegel - 101 Exercizes for the Soul,             

Jerry E. Smith - HAARP,  Weather Warfare,

Dennis Spalding - My Search for the Afterlife,

Bishop John Shelby Spong - Resurrection- Myth or Reality,

Tom Stone - Human Software Technologies,    

Dr. Steve Taubman - Unhypnosis,                             

Derrick Whiteskycloud - Spiritual Journys with Whitecloud,

Dr. Robert WilliamsPSYCH-K,                                   

Books for referencing ANGELS -

The Book of Enoch by Richard Laurence

Angels, an endangered species, by Malcom Goodwin

Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer

Rediscovering the Angels, by Flower A. Newhouse

The Kingdom of the Shining Ones, by Flower A. Newhouse