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This is a wonderful, spiritual book for helping children cope with grief and fears. The story focuses on a child's realization that "bad things" do happen and his concern is that they could happen to him. Throughout the story he asks the question, "could a bad thing happen to me?" The child is consistently reassured by his mother and an angel that he will always be protected.

A little boy looks at his T.V. and sees

     sad faces and tears, and wonders how can this be?

"In a place that's my home where I live and I play,

     how can such trouble happen today?"


So he asks his mother how can this be,

     "Tell me Mama, could a bad thing happen to me?"


     "One of the most basic needs of every child is the need to feel safe. This beautifully illustrated little book is a wonderful tool for reassuring children in a world riddled with stressful, frightening events. And what a lovely way to bring awarness of God's love to our little ones."                                                        Patricia A. Hammett,  Ph.D  Licensed Psychologist  

     "Comforting a child whose sense of being "safe and secure" in a big and scary world is not always easy. Donna Voll's  Tell Me...could a bad thing happen to me?  beautifully illustrates how all of us are part of a bigger plan, under the care of a loving creator, whose desire for us is always good. Share this adventure with your child today."    John W. O'Neal,   MA, MSW,Ed.S

     "What a comforting book to read to your children during such a turbulant time in our history. Tell Me...could a bad thing happen to me?  helps a dialog start between parents and their children about things that are very tough to talk about."                                                               Belinda Skelton,  Radio Producer, The Neal Boortz Show, WSB Radio, Atl., Ga.